Frequently Asked Questions

Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

What is Private Duty Nursing (PDN)?
  • Private duty nursing is care provided on a continuous basis for any length of time to patients.
At what age is Private Duty Nursing available?
  • ACT offers its PDN services to both adults and pediatric patients
Who provides private duty nursing?
  • Depending upon the complexity of the medical needs, PDN services are provided by ACT’s professional staff, either by Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Practical Nurses.  There are services that cannot be performed safely and effectively by non professionals  in the client’s home.
Can my child have PDN services in the school?
  • Yes, a nurse can accompany a patient to school and perform some of the required services in school.
What is needed to get private duty nursing?
  • PDN services are provided under the direction of a written plan of care for the patient signed by the recipient’s attending physician.

Skilled Nursing Visits (SNV)

Who is eligible for Skilled Nursing Visits?
  • Skilled nursing visits are available to people eligible for Medicare and Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and have nursing needs that are medically necessary, physician ordered and provided according to a written service plan
Who can provide a Skilled Nursing Visit?
  • Only a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse from a Medicare certified agency may provide this service.
How can I get skilled nursing visit for myself or a family member?
  • Speak with your physician, nurse, hospital discharge planner or case manager to find out if you need skilled nursing visits. They are the people who can assess whether or not you have a need for the visits.  After doctor’s  assessment  an order will be written out and sent to your agency of choice.  If you have chosen  ACT have the doctor’s office, hospital or discharge planner  call ACT Home Health Services, Inc. at 215-389-1800.